Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Modelling Agency

We were given the task to use our initials and come up with as many logo's as we could think of to represent them. They had to be in black and white.
This is what I came up with:

Then we all as a class had to put our designs out on a table and individually go around and tick three designs from every ones work that we really liked.
Them from there we had to use the most popular design with the most ticks and further develop it. This is the logo that was chosen:

After we had finished designing the logo, we were told that the logo was for a modelling agency that was putting on a modelling competition for teenagers in Wagga. We had to come up with a flyer that represented this and we had to organise all the information ourselves.

This is the first flyer I came up with:

I do like it with the silloettes in it, but there is just something about it that I can't quite work out. Maybe its the rays behind it or the colours im not quite sure but it was my first design so there are going to be plenty of flaws in it.

I designed a second flyer that I found even though it is very simple I find it to be very strong in design that gets the message accross and is eye catching, plus ensuring that it is very easy to read using type that are clear and crisp. The image behind it I really liked, it is a unique photo that gives that sense of flair with the whole competition that would be needed to win. I think the uniquness of the photo makes the design work well with the type.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Modern Kraft Graphic Design Conference

We were given the task to come up with a poster for a graphic design conference called Modern Kraft. We were given the basic details and then told that we had to decide if the poster needed any more information then what we were given. Our basic details were:

Modern Kraft
Graphic Design Conference
May 24-28 2010
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour
Dimensions: 600mm x 265mm
With a 3mm Bleed on all edges.
With this information I made a personal judgement that there could be some more information needed for the poster. So I researched the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour and decided to use their logo and website for more information if the viewer wanted to research to find out more.
Then I went to to find some examples of posters that would suit the type of poster we were doing. I found one poster in particular that I like and I, used the basic design in my sketches to see what it would look like before I started work on the computer. I sketched about 6 different posters to see which one I thought I could execute the best on the computer.

I decided to go with the grundgey, modern style that I thought would really stand out and appeal to a viewer if they were driving past it on a telephone pole.
This is what I came up with as my original design.
We were then asked to print out or posters and put them all out on a desk and we were asked to look at them and then we began our critique on everyone posters.
During the critique my poster I was told had its good parts and bad parts that let the whole design down. Which I completely agreed with.
Luke pointed out that the use of shapes in the design created a very immature look and was too busy for the style that I was trying to achieve and it just wasn't quite there in achieving what I wanted it too. I was also told that the design was too busy and need to be more controlled.
The positive comments made was that the type I used and the black background with the colours were good and I needed to go with that and work on it and redesign something that goes with that grundey chaotic, but controlled design.
The class was also asked to rate the posters from best to ones that needed a lot of improvement. In the end mine ended up being up the top, personally I didn't think that it belonged there as there were posters there that deserved to be placed up the top more then mine.

So I went back to the computer with all the critiques in mind and I asked Luke were I should go from here and he said that I should look at like lighting bolt shapes and random shapes all over creating a very chaotic feel. This is what i have come up with during my experimentation with colour and the use of different sized shapes.

Final Design: