Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We were asked to look at the website and look in how it works as a functioning website. The Serial Cut companycomes across to me as being very professional and a corporate brand that really takes time and effort into making their website user friendly and appealing.
At looking into some of their work I found it to be very interesting and intriguing. Their work is very detailed and very athestically pleasing, as it looks into depth and perception of type and how it can be use and manipulated into a 3D image.

I think their website is able to mix both convetional and radical to work in harmony together to create an image for themselves that is different and original to the competition of other relating sites.

I like the simplicity of their site and how easy it is to get around and see other images with barely any confusion or frustration. I really like some of their images, these are the ones that really appealed to me...