Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Year 12, Art Major "Memories From the Land"

Memories From the Land


This body of work explores the history of a family, by experimenting with nature and memories. I used ephemeral objects that would represent the intense feelings and emotions that come with living on the land. I used everyday objects such as ice and food dye, which came up with surprising results. By exploring the different aspects of the land I chose the common damn to experiment with, using the coloured ice as the focus. The family photo's linking to the concept of the impact that each generation has had on the land. Showing repetition througho
ut each image; the footprints on the ground symbolising each generation's genetic footprint and the continuous use of the coloured ice represents unity within the family. Each image being further connected to each other through a letter from each individual from the family of their memories being involved in the land. My inspiration came from my mentor Andy
Goldsworthy, through his pieces of works that demonstrate ideas of postmodernism and ephemeral throughout his artworks. I believe whilst my images contai
n these elements my body of work
also maintains a strong cultural aspect.

Below is the finished product that i took photo's of to show the sequence and what to do to find the letters.