Thursday, April 28, 2011

David Carson

David Carson

Born September 8th, 1952 in Corpus Christi, Texas, but moved to New York City four years later.

Carson was a high-school teacher before he was a graphic designer.

First actual contact with graphic design was made in 1980 at the University of Arizona on a two-week graphics course. He attended San Diego St. University as well as Oregon College of Commercial Art. Later on in 1983, Carson was working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology when he went to Switzerland, where he attended a three-week workshop in graphic design as part of his degree.

Carson was also a professional surfer and in 1989 and qualified as the 8th best surfer in the world. His career as a surfer influenced his designs along with his various wolrd travels.

Famous for pushing the boundaries of design he is considered one of the most famous graphic designs on the planet (as described by creative review magazine). Carson is famous because he has influenced graphic design immensely through his use of type, approach and technique, which does not follow “traditional” graphic design standards. Many designers changed their methods and based their style from Carson’s work, which they consider “new” standards. He highly regarded for this but also through his use of combining photography and typographic elements, he manages to communicate both idea and feeling in his designs.

David started his own business called David Carson Inc and has agencies in Del Mar, California and Zurich Switzerland. He lectures all around the world. He is well known for his photography and graphic design pieces but has ranged out into other mediums e.g. directing commercials and videos. He has also written many Books including The end of print, which has been the best selling Graphic design book ever written to date and has appeared in over 180 magazines and newspaper articles. His website is very basic with no side links. This website is focussed primarily to focus on the body of the website and not the headings. Because he moves around a lot he needs to work in a mobile work studio.