Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The good the bad and the ugly - website designs

I really like the design of this page, its clean and simple and really communicates well with the audience intended. They have great information on their site and theres some great motion graphic designs.

I really love this website, its so modern and the works speak for themselves as to how amazing this company is. The website is great to use, very user friendly but still keeping that modern feeling throughout.

This website is a great interactive one for viewers. Its fun and relatively easy to use once you know what to do. The only bad thing is it doesn’t have an option to change the language into English which makes things really hard if a viewer cant read that language.

I like this website because of the colour and detail that has gone into it. The page is very easily read and is in the right language even though he’s from India. All the information is there its just a matter of clicking on the works that appeal most or want to find out more information about. It’s a great website and the works are as equally good.

I love everything about this site. There’s not much more to say the works he has done match everything to do with this site, accessible, clean, creative but not done over the top. He has even included design sketches in his portfolio website. Everything about this site is amazing.

I’m not sure how I feel about this website, its good but its just not as good as what it could be. Its set up very randomly and it tried to be creative but I just don’t think it works. The idea has potential but just no executed the right way. The only thing I do like about this website is the works in particular the logo designs.