Thursday, December 1, 2011

BSBCRT501A - Toy Packaging Assignment

I have created a play doh packaging box, I drew inspiration and created a pokemon themed box. In the beginning of this assignment I was going to create them with lego, I spent $150 in lego pieces but discovered after long hours of research that lego has pretty much done every theme possible.
I discovered that Play Doh has cheap products and decided to recreate their packaging.
my idea was to give children over 6yrs old 20 tubs of coloured play doh and a picture of each character and they have to build them and like the catch phrase is "gotta catch me all" I changed it to "Gotta Make em all".
Pokemon is a very popular brand and is very expensive i found in most store that had pokemon products it was well over $40.00.. Together with the play doh brand I figure my product is worth between $60.00 - $100.00 once the kids have bought all the pictures of the pokemon and the additional colours that you need for each character. My product is the basic package that you can buy and the more you buy the more extra bits and pieces they get.

These are the pictures of my products I took myself...

This package is to scale and the final product....