Monday, March 15, 2010

My logo designs

We were given a task to make up our own logo designs and we had to do 3 designs for the three business's:
*Forever Florist
*Heavy T Gymnasium
*Pearly White Dental Clinic

This was the design that was the favourite out of the three designs for the gymnasium logos. Mostly because it was different to the others and it was a much stronger idea and design that would work well with the whole idea of the gymnasium.

This one was the one liked the most out of the designs. The only thing i had to change was to space out the letters more so it is more readable.

With this design from the group I was in this was the favourite out of the three. I liked this design out of them all because of the simpilicity of it but it still seemed to work well and be alot crisper and the idea was alot stronger than the other two.