Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dental Clinic Logo's

I believe this logo works because it creates a sense of sophistication about it, due to the font used in the image. "The Park" creates an image of a relaxing, non-stressful environment when entering into the clinic.
Selling the idea due to these factors to people of a elderly age bracket as it would appeal more to a middle aged or elderly person than a child.

I believe this logos works as it shows a certain professional edge to it. As the image and the text are clean and crisp demonstrating to an audience that they are well qualified. What also makes this logo work is the name affordable, appealing to an audience of a family. Seeing this logo would create a comforting feel to this particular bracket of society as it gives the reassurance that being at this particular company they are in a well qualified, financially family friendly environment.

This logo appealed to me as a viewer, not only because of the childish feel to it but because it makes me as a potential client feel comforted. The use of the cartoon image of a tooth is used i believe to appeal more to a child or a family with young children.

Florist Logo's

This Logo works well as it has a feel of professionalism and sophistication. The use of vines and flowers on the side gives the feel of quality when it comes to the products that are being sold.

I think this logo really works basically because of the simplicity of the design. It is just simply a flower but I feel it really is appealing to an audience looking to purchase flowers.

This design I feel is really is an appealing logo for a florist. The use of the vibrant red gives the sense of when they come to this florist they will get anything they need for romance. The red colour is really eye-catching and would be noticed more by purchasers than other designs.

Gymnasium Logos

I feel this is a very clever design for a gym logo. The heart beat line going through to create the "M" in "Max" gives the audience the idea that if they come to this gym they will reach their peak in fitness.

I really think this logo works well
because for one, the motif used in the logo is very well designed and is a strong red colour that catches the eye. Also the name of the gym "power club" the word "power" has been used in bold which emphasises to an audience that is serious about their fitness that they will get "power" if they come to this gym.

This logo I think works simply because of it's comedic use of a body builder. This I can also see working well as it appeals to the male ego as they will b working out in "God's gym". The use of the male body builder flexing into the shape of a "G" also appeals to a younger male audience as they will see that and strive to become like that.