Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Edward Steichen

I found this image to be amazing considering the era it came from where photography was only just being developed. The reflection created in this photograph is amazing as to get that exact moment would have been extremely difficult.

Robert Adams

I really like this image as the black and white theme is so detailed. It is a true black and white photograph as there is no grey or in between. This creates a perfect shading between black and white. The image its self is also interesting, as it creates certain feeling towards suburbia life.

Larry Clark

Larry Clark's work I found to be very personal and a confession into his life as a drug abusing adolescent. His work is a very "impolite" genre of photography creating controversy and stir in society exposing everyone to a world of drugs, sex and violence. His book "Tulsa" investigates the perils and exposes the vulnerability of teens experiencing and exploring life. I found the photo that I appreciated was his black and white photograph "Untitled (T23)" from his autobiography "Tulsa".
The colour or in this case lack of colour, I believe fully shows the exploration and journey that the three boys went on. Showing the challenges that they were faced with in their quest for ecstasy and thrill.
The shadows that cover the mans eyes create a sense of a mask that he's trying to hide his identity and use the masquerade as an escape from reality, in which he has a child. The positioning of this piece of work shows the disconnection that the man has from responsibility of fathering a child. The position of the baby horizontally across him shows the innocence of children contrasted with the environment that it has been placed in.


I found that Araki's work to be very provocative and raw. His way of photographing everything that he was interested in, in life, lust and love. His ability to capture the past and present in one shot shows the realism in his work. I found that his photograph "Yoko, sentimental journey" of his wife asleep in the boat shows his ability to to confront society with his private life. This photograph I find strips back his personal life to show his daily struggles in life.

Richard Billingham

I found Richard Billinghams work to be incredibly in depth. I particularly like this picture he has taken of his father, exposing the true events that happen in a family where the father suffers from being an alcoholic. The light and dark in the photograph adds to the severity of the tender issue of alcoholics.

Tony Vaccaro

This is a beautiful image by Tony Vaccaro. Perhaps suggesting slight controversy but showing the innocence of a child. Choosing the use of black and white is a main appeal to this image. Tony Vaccaro's work, like this piece is a form of placing a person, much like the man in the photograph, on a pedestal and making sure it is right to fit with their personality.

Cindy Sherman

The concept behind Cindy Sherman's work is quite detailed and sharp. The shading in the photograph between light and dark is very accurate and deliberate I feel. The focus being off center gives the photo the edge in setting this scene up.

Martin Parr
This image by Martin Parr, creates a comedic feel about it. Showing the routine daily life at the local swimming pool. The capturing of time a society gives a realism approach to portraying everyday activity.

Gregory Crewdson

This image really appealed to me as it creates a certain eerie feel to the photo with the woman in focus off centre down the bottom. The image also focuses on the surroundings in the room, creating a story for the image as to why the woman is there. The colours in this photograph are also very interesting as they are very dull and add to the mood of the photograph.

Jeff Wall

This image really appealed to me as i found the focus to be on the cupboards at the back , but I searched through the photo more I found that the main focus is the man lying lying on the floor. This placing of the man is off centre for a reason, further emphasising the struggle to hide away.