Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got Milk?

In class today we played Get the Glass, now personally i thought the game was great fun but as per usual I couldn't get past the first few level! :( ... (Mission: complete this game!)
The thought process that went into and behind this program is mind blowing.. the amount of effort it must have taken to physically sit down and come up with an idea that will appeal to an audience that likes to drink milk... it's pretty much the whole population!!! This design for drinking milk is very impressive! (i would never have thought of it!)
The colours and tones in this game were so precise and detailed the contrasting tones between the light and the dark were amazing, fully emphasising the mission that the Atachi family is on.
The composition of the game although very ingenius, was probably the dumbest game ever, the player (from my own experience) becomes so engulfed into the game and not being caught by the cops and being thrown into "Milkatraz" and the time limit, the answers become so complex because you think there is more to the answer, thinking that it is soo much more complex then it actually is, and the answer turning out to be the most simplest and most obvious answer ever... (this frustrated me ALOT!! :P)
The game is very entertaining and fun to play in the end and very enjoyable when there is no frustration involved..
stay tuned! :)