Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BSBDES202A - Part 3

Part 3 – The Future Development and Directions of Poster Design
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AGDA- Australian Graphic Design Association is the national organisation for professional graphic designers. It establishes fair and productive working relationships between graphic designers and their clients. Provides designers with the tools and information to take control of their professional lives.
Blue Dog Posters- This business aims to supply poster designers with a variety of posters for whatever needs.
Design is Kinky- This is a website that is dedicated to supplying relevant information on a variety of different designing techniques including poster design.

A current trend that is impacting on poster design is the World Wide Web. Over the last decade the concept of the web or Internet has developed substantially as more and more people are supplying crucial information to help expand this massive social phenomenon.
The World Wide Web or Internet has helped and been an asset to many people to help them expand their work practices. Current work practices that involve the Internet are the email address. This is used frequently for many modern day workers as it is a fast affective way to send and receive information in the workplace and around the world. Although the email address does have its disadvantages for example the file being too large to send. But there are always new and faster ways being developed each year. Within the Internet has become a whole new world for designers and people in general to keep up with the latest trends and designs within the media and around the world.
As a designer within the poster industry, a way to further upgrade to the skills needed to effectively utilise this form of technology is to take certain courses and workshops that are run locally or nationwide. By doing this and further endeavouring into the world of the internet as a poster designer you are able to research into such things as marketing statistics on the target audience you are designing the poster for, current trends within that population and to discover what previous designs have worked in the past with the targeted genre. By doing this and gaining the research skills needed to design a poster, the Internet can be a powerful and useful resource.
To maintain industry currency within the designing world a designer could undertake many courses to further enhance their skills such as, TAFE offers many relevant courses that leave you with the qualifications and the confidence to further a career in the design world. TAFE is a great place to learn new skills as they supply courses that are more hands on, rather than a more theory based curriculum, which is more of a quality that would appeal to many designers.
Other resources such as University, is a great way to meet other designers. It is also is a good learning resource if a designer is serious about furthering their theory based knowledge on the design industry.
Sources that supply technical advice and support in achieving higher skills can be the teacher. The teacher coordinating the course would most likely have a developed and matured understanding of what skills are needed to achieve in the design industry. Teachers in these courses can sometimes be an untapped resource and should be used more frequently in developing skills.
Peers and other designers can be accessed everyday whether it is in person or over the Internet. Other peers can be a vital resource in developing new skills or improving old ones. Other peoples perspective can provide support which is crucial in a design as they might see something or improve a point in a design that you may not have seen or thought of before. Constant involvement in a social group provides designers with constant feedback whether it be positive or negative is a critical way of assisting a designer in achieving new perspectives and skills.