Friday, September 3, 2010

BSBDES403A - Exercise, Technical Challenges of Graphic Design

Exercise 3 – Technical Challenges of Graphic Design

1. What are they?

Typography is a challenge that takes a lot of time to master, knowing how to work with colour, how it works, where to use it. Knowing the different formats to print with is a challenge that can only be learnt with time and experience. Having the ability to come up with a number of different ideas and concepts that can be used for a business in a short amount of time. Having the ability to use the different softwares in the industry is a task in its self as there are many different platforms to master and because technology is always changing so does the software.

2. How do we solve them?

As a designer we solve these issues by experience with type and constantly exploring different ways on how to unify type, images and colour together. Spending copious amounts of time on learning all the different software and platforms is a way to solve the problem of being technologically challenged, looking up tutorials is also a great way to solve issues as well. Just spending time committed to learning how everything works is the best way to overcome challenges.

3. What resources are out there?

There are websites, magazines, books, classes and many more resources to help graphic designers to come up with inspiration and concepts. It is also a great way to overcome the technical issues that come up with being a graphic designer.

4. What is your annual budget to pay for these resources?

As a tafe student I spend about $1000 on fees to a Graphics course and it fulfils all my needs to learn and helps out with whatever problem that comes up. For software and other resources can be up to anything over $1000 as a budget there really can’t be a set limit because technology is always changing.

5. How could an ABN benefit your financial approach to these resources?

An ABN helps with claiming things on tax that may come up in the business, for example with travelling, resources, stationary, materials needed to fulfil the project and other things like taking clients out to dinners or sending them presents as a sign of appreciation to assure that they remain a client.

6. How do major platforms (MAC/PC) affect technical approaches to projects?

I have been told that both MAC and PC are both capable to complete any project in a similar fashion. For programming and web design, I’ve been told that PC is the preferable platform. Personally as a MAC user I find that the platform is much easier to operate and the Adobe suite is much easier to operate in a MAC platform. Many people debate these opinions but I seem to prefer the MAC platform.