Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Cover Assignment & Rationale


Monotone is a single colour or tone used in a design. The imagery not being too complex creates a single tone, coupled with the monotonic typeface which perceives a classic but simple tone about it and kept the same colours and tone right throughout.
Broken into the rule of thirds, the design creates the hierarchy of being an image heavy book cover sending the simple message and tone of passion.


Futuristic is a theme commonly related with sci-fi, Star Wars and Star Trek. When looking at glowing neon lights created on posters or in this case book covers, most people instantly think of laser beams associated by society with the future. Because of the "Matrix" people now associate fluro green with a futuristic theme which is why I have chosen variations of that for the book cover.
Brought together with that specific relation is the glowing lines used throughout the cover. The book cover is image heavy and the type is the secondary focal point. the blockiness of the type and sharp lines again link to the sci-fi related movie titles.
In relation to the book 'The Scarlet Letter', Hester was seen as a mistress an adultery temptress, shunned by society which is why I have her facing away from the reader emphasising her lack of connection she had with humans because of her sin.


Dynamic means live and movement. Dynamic design is constantly moving the readers eye all over the page, but in a very deliberate composition.
The deliberate positioning of the display type is there as the main focal point of the hierarchy, gaining the readers interest with a well known book and than to the supplementary images and finally the authors name. The dynamic letterforming personifies movement as each letter is positioned in a different space, connected with the faint lines creating movement along the cover.
The image itself is to represent the main protagonist Hester and the constant change throughout her life and how she is perceived in society.


grunge is a very dirty and unclean design or theme. It is usually seen as rough and burnt relating to the hardcore punk rock bands of the 1970's, this relates to the typeface of the typography used. Although it is somewhat clean and deliberate the brokenness and dirty feel to it adds character to the book covers theme.
In relation to the use of type the imagery is the emphasise between sunlight and darkness, visibility and concealment.
The viewer is drawn to the title, flush right to the page, deliberately placed to then let the viewers eye wander and question what is concealed behind the dark clouds. This relating to Hester's vulnerability throughout the day when secrets are kept from society and night is when unacceptable activities occur.


'The Scarlet Letter' is about many types and forms of aggression. This composition is all about sin, the relationship between hate and love and the nature of evil and what it symbolises. In the book the identity of the "Black Man" is the embodiment of evil. The "Black Man" shows aggression against Pearl thought to be the devils child. Aggression through the "Black Man" is the root of all Chillingworths hate and selfishness.
The faint image of the black man is there to engage the viewer to see a mysterious figure and provoke emotions of "should I be scared?", "who is this person" or "why is he staring" The typeface and the colour is combined together to personify anger, aggression and blood.
Centred to draw the readers eye straight to the middle of the cover is the title creating a symmetrical theme drawing the readers eye to the important information and than to the supplementary information which is the authors name.
The use of negative space is deliberate and intended to force the readers eye to the title. Creating the overall tone of this cover the expression of aggression.


Passive is not reacting visibly when expecting to produce an emotion. It is to be submissive, unresisting, quite and the use of calming tones.
Relating to this is the type which has a more organic, curvilinear form associated with feminine characteristics. The typeface is smooth, unresisting and calming which allows the reader to become submissive when viewing the cover. It does not particularly show much emotion, just Pearl and her mother together, creating that bond between mother and daughter brought upon them early in the book when shunned from society. Pearl being the focal point of this image is a constant reminder to her mother Hester of her wicked sin, but still remains to live her life with her passive nature.
The typography is deliberately placed so it is not in the readers face, rather easy to look at and absorb which is what passive represents.


Modern design as David Carson has said is becoming more and more minimal when sending a message. Society has become so fast paced that the message being conveyed need to be heard fast or not at all. This is the theory behind this book cover.
The simple rose is in the centre is to catch the readers eye at first glance to engage them, this being the main focus in the hierarchy. As the reader glances down there is the simple, easy to read and retain san-serif.
There is no clutter in this design, it is clean and conforms to a minimalist theme, using the deliberate negative place.
in relation to the book the rode is a symbol of the rose bush outside next to the prison where the characters are tormented between light and darkness, subtly emphasised through a soft gradient. In relation to the colour used in the rose, scarlet red being the colour of the "A" sewn onto Hester's clothes is that constant reminder to society of her sin. Which raises the question if Hester went through life without that symbol on her clothes would she still be remembered?


Retro is Pop Art, colourful, flamboyant, the 1960's. Now anything retro or commonly know as vintage is anything between the 1960's to 70's. Retro is lines and the continuation of the flow of the lines connecting.
The typeface and the letterforms create the continual flow form one letter to another, kerned specifically for that theme. The type although being the secondary information on the book cover still reflects the aesthetics of the retro era.
The main hierarchy being the colourful imagery. The photo itself is there to contrast against the colourful water marks that create the image. This illustrating that on the outside society only perceives her as the evil adulterer but her passion and love on the inside is what makes her who she is.


Classic is an Audrey Hepburn poster for one of her most famous romantic movies. It is something that is timeless and to never be forgotten. This design I believe relates to the classic theme.
The design uses a serif typeface which captures the theme as this particular typeface Garamond is in fact known as classic and timeless, reflecting the aesthetics of that era. The image connects well with the typeface as the book cover is spilt into the rule of thirds, creating hierarchy of imagery in the middle than the title and finally the authors name.
This design is suitable for the book "The Scarlet Letter" because the book is about the star-crossed lovers longing to be with each other and share their passion.