Thursday, June 16, 2011

Water Bottle Design Rationale & Feedback

Designing for this assignment proved to be difficult for me as I couldn't come up with a plan or design that would effectively solve the design problem that was outlined in the brief.

My first design/idea was to do with nature and how it is being affected. This was to be shown through an aluminium bottle coming out of a flower with the slogan "nature prefers aluminium". But when we had a class discussion at the art rooms, my design idea was (what I thought it would be) too complex and needed to be simplified.
So I went back the drawing boards and did some more research and kept coming up with ideas such as:
* "It's Our Planet It's What We Make Of It"
* "I'd Rather Be Naked, Strip Off The Plastic"

With these designs the first one was going to be about how the plastic bottles are affecting the planet, but I just couldn't get the imagery right. The second idea was to have a play on words looking at a different target market of the male demographic. But once I got feedback on this design, luckily before I went any further, I was told poor imagery and too complex again.

After all this work I was under a lot of pressure to produce something before the deadline, but I was struggling to come up with an idea that fulfilled the intended clients needs. I started researching again for more inspiration as to how the message that was trying to be conveyed, could be portrayed effectively. I started looking at the natural side of things and started sketching. I wanted something clean, crisp and produce a clear message. I started with a white canvas and went from there, with the idea in mind to not ruin a good white page.
I chose this imagery because I wanted people to understand that by drinking tap water instead of out of plastic bottles we in turn will save nature and life.

Unfortunately I got sick during the feedback session and couldn't be there on that day, but I managed when I came back to have a mini feedback session around the class and asked them on what they thought and if it fulfilled the brief. What I gained from this was that there was good strong imagery and poor type, which in turn doesn't get the message intended across. They said the typeface and positioning really let my design down and could have been rethought. i agree completely with this feedback and understand now how typography can have such a dramatic affect on a design. I learnt from this that concept and planning is the key to a good design.