Thursday, June 16, 2011

Generating Ideas

Vector Illustrated Drafts and Hand Sketches

My initial drafts started from sketching ideas that I researched previously to come up with similar shapes and designs as a start to progress them into my own original design.
I started with sketching with just the name "Fitness 4 Women" and came across the issue of the number 4 being one of the hards numbers to work with. From here I progressed into ways I could work that number 4 into the initial design. I researched for many hours about how other artists have incorporated numbers into logos. I came across heaps of designs that were both interesting and good use of the number. Unfortunately throughout my research there weren't many business name with the number 4 in it.
From here I looked back at my first sketches and decided that some how the number 4 would become the main focus and logo for the business.
Again I researched more about the female figure and how can be used in simple shapes in a way that portrays fitness and health. Knowing that the client only wanted the colour pink for the logo proved to be difficult as well, as it is a boring colour on it's own and hard to make look good when the logo only can have various hues and tints.
Constantly hassling my group members, class mates and teachers for advice on whether it the logo design looked like a 4, what changes could I make to make it more recognisable as the number 4 and whether the type suited the demographic. I found that the type I chose (helvetica neue) was well suited for when it came to a female demographic. The type I believe is strong but has the rounded, soft curves that emits femininity and the curves that is commonly related to a woman.
The logo itself was hard to perfect but I believe I got it to where liked. The number 4 personified into a woman bending and jumping, I see effectively portrays a woman's gym.
I chose to use gradients in this logo because when I was researching recent logo trends there seemed to be many business identities effectively using subtle gradients to convey a bend or shadows. It was something modern that would I thought to appeal to a business, it is also something that I don't think will expire in years to come as it is a very versatile corporate identity.