Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ICPPP224B - Artist Promotional Booklet


What kind of questions do you think you would need to ask your client prior to commencing the design?

- What they would like in the booklet; works, what they written about them.

- What designs they have been looking at either on the internet or booklets they have collected for inspiration for their promotional booklet

- What size they want their booklet; whether it be portrait or landscape and the paper size A4 as a an example.

- Do they want any of their works to be the feature of the booklet, whether some of their works would have its own spread.

- Are they supplying copies of their works in either TIFF or EPS format or do I as the designer have to source my own images for the booklet.

- Are the images high resolution.

- Are they supplying the body copy type on themselves and the works or do I as the designer have to write the information about the client and works myself. If so do they know this will be more of a cost.

- How many briefs/reviews on the booklet they want and coming to a reasonable conclusion to suit us both.

- How soon they need the booklet to be published for the exhibition.

- Do they have a printed they use for running this booklet or will I have to source my own. If so what is their price range so I can work according to the budget.

2. What could you do to avoid wasting your time on a design that the client doesn’t like?

To avoid wasting time, I would draw up sketches of what I have in mind for the design of the promotional booklet and show them to the client and from there the one they liked the most I would go ahead with. I would arrange review meetings every week or so to show the client to let them decide on what they like and what they don’t and any changes they would like. These meetings would be limited as the client my never make a final decision, so under the design process I would draw up a contract and together decide on how many design reviews would be suitable and that way they know that by so many reviews they have to make their final decision.

3. What kind of research should you do prior to commencing the design and where will you obtain the content form?

Prior to commencing the design of the promotional booklet researching the artist and their style is an important part of the design process. It gives you as the designer a better feel and knowledge of what that artists style is and can design a promotional booklet for them according to that specific style. It is important to also know background knowledge of the client, as it helps you as a designer to communicate with the client better. Obtaining the content form would either comes straight from the artist themselves if they wanted to add a personal touch to the booklet or it would have to be obtained by the designer themselves. If that was the case writing the content form would be more difficult as there would have to be many more proofs and copies sent to the client in case information was inaccurate or irrelivatent.

4. Can you offer any suggestions to your client about ways to improve on the brief?

The brief was informative and well structured I didn’t have any cases where I found the brief difficult to understand or any instances where information was misscommunicated.

5. Can you think of any limitations you might face during this project?

There was definently a limitation to the options when it came to printing and the styles and stock that could be used when dealing with online printers. For the sake of not wasting printers time with quotes that would only be used in this project, I was limited to just a quick quote from them online with basic information about stock and the overall design of the booklet. That proved to be difficult and changes had to be made to my overall look of the final product.

6. What are your options in setting the document up in Indesign?

I set my document up in indesign as:

- A3 spread (A4 pages)

- 3mm bleed

- 5mm slug

- Facing pages

- Margins: 12mm x12mm

7. How will you need to save the final print-ready version to send to the printer? What problems could arise during this stage of the process?

For CMYK Online Printers they prefer the document to not be in spreads but as a “1 Up” multiple page file and preferred as a PDF, with the front cover as page 1 and the back cover to be the final page. With the external bleed to be 5mm. Problems that may arise during this stage of the process is that I’m not very familiar with pagination and it may be printed in the wrong order with spreads not matching up. When sending to the printer, I have checked that all my photos are in TIFF format and CMYK but there still may be issues when it goes to press with colours and the way the document has been set up. The file could become corrupted during the sending online of the file, this could prove to be difficult if images or content has been changed or lost.

The Australian Trade Printers didn’t have specific setups for the final press ready version, if this wasn’t just a project I would ring the company to double check the set up they prefer, but in this case I have set it up in a packaged PDF format with all images checked in CMYK, with the standard 3mm bleed and in spreads without pagination as most modern printers/printing machines could do that automatically.

Printing Quotes for the Artist Promotional Booklet

Australian Trade Printers

- A4 pages, Portrait

- 8pp, 150 gsm gloss

- Saddle Stitched

- 1000 copies

Quote: $930.00

Free delivery

CMYK Colour Online

- A4 pages, Portrait

- 8pp, 150gsm gloss

- Saddle stitched

- 1000 copies

Quote: $894.00

Delivery included

Supplied templates

I have chosen to go with this company because they were very competitive with their prices and they offered the cheapest quote online that I could find with the quality and extras that they offer. They were one of the only companies who offer preferred templates and decent options for stock and printing. Thye have good reviews on their website and seem like a reliable and professional company.