Thursday, June 16, 2011

Defining The Design Challenge

An assessment was given to us as a real world design challenge and we as a class were given 4 different jobs:

* Home Tavern - TV Promotions
* Gibbs Design - New website
* TAFE - Promotional posters
* Fitness 4 Women Gym - corporate identity rebrand

Individually we got the choose which job we would like, playing on our strengths/likes to achieve the best result. I chose the Fitness 4 Women Gym corporate identity rebrand along with Pip and Skye.

As a group we knew this job could get out of hand quickly and the work load could become too much for students freelancing for no profit. Once we made contact and I arranged a meeting 23rd May 2011, we gathered as a group and discussed what we would ask and talk about with Sharon Ford, owner of Fitness 4 Women.
Some of our questions were:
- What colours would she like/dislike for her business identity?
- What promotional materials would she like done?
- If so will images be supplied?
- Will the rebrand package just be a business name or include and logo?
We decided though before we asked these questions to our client that the best approach would be is to let our client tell us what she wants and then go away from the meeting. From there work out what we can do now and will consider doing in the future.

Our client was prepared as she knew what she wanted and where she would like to take the business, which was away from the previously owned business "Contours". Some of the promotional material she asked for was:

- Identity/Rebrand

- Business cards (for owner plus other staff members)/Stationary (letterheads, etc.)

- Mailbox Flyers (quartly)

- Motivational Posters

- Pull-down poster

- 12 day pass card

- Promotional clothing and packages (towels, hats, t-shirts, backpacks, nail files, etc.)

- Stickers for windows/car

- Sign for the shop front

Our client knew what she wanted promotional wise for her business but we weren't quite sure if she knew what she wanted branding wise. She never really gave is a defiant answer on what she would consider for a logo or if she wanted a new one at all. The client just left it up to us as designers to decide on what would would be best.

As a suggestion during the meeting we told our client that we would consider everything she asked and decide on where we will start and what is going to be appropriate for the business at that stage.

I believe we all behaved in a professional manner and dressed appropriately at all encounters and meetings. Personally we didn't have to be firm with our client as they were both relaxed and easygoing about the whole process and very open to all ideas brought to them. Again personally I wasn't intimidated by the client, there were occasions where I was nervous in anticipation to what their response would be. I don't believe Sharon or Charles were intimidated by us as they are professional business people who deal with employee's and other business people everyday.

We met with our client twice after the initial meeting and in contact during the whole process via mobile phone calls and email. We decided that the whole promotional package we were asked to do by the client was going to be too large for us to complete in such a short amount of time, so we told our client that too complete any other promotional work we would have to start simply with a logo design. For a first job I experienced the pressure of real cliental work and all the issues that are involved in working within a group.