Friday, June 3, 2011

BSBDES401A- Winter in Wagga


1. What kind of research should be done prior to deciding on the form your promotional piece will take? Where and how will you conduct this research?

Researching what form the promotional piece will take would include going out into the city and finding what has been done and if it affectively got the message accross amongst society. Research the city itself, find out where the hot spots are in town, if there are any attractions or local history and anything that may be an interest for people who are looking for somewhere to go during winter. Mostly this information can be found on the internet and websites that specialise different and exciting ways to set out large amounts of infomation. The Wagga Information Centre is a place to go and find out what has been produced around the local area and what was the most affective and efficient according to form and function.

2. Why did you decide on this particular medium?

I decided that through my information and research that a booklet would be the most effective way of producing mass amounts of information and would be the most productive. I decided on this medium because it would be a simple and clean way to produce the information and a way that would be easily read. A booklet gives people lots of options depending on their likes and dislikes and hobbies. It is only an A5 booklet because I decided that it would be an easy option and if people wanted to take it home or to show someone else it wouldn’t take up much space and easily compacted.

3.What resources will you require for developing your piece?

To develop my piece I will need:

- Information about wagga

- Sources on where the best places are for accommodation

- Camera for photography

- Booklets, Posters, Flyers/promotional pieces on what there is to do in wagga

- Booklets for inspiration and ideas

4. Can you forsee any factors that may impact on your selection and use of resources?

- There could be a cost to sourcing booklets and promotional pieces, I don’t really want there to be any expenses during the research stage.

- With the booklet design I may have too much information and the piece may become cluttered and illegible.

- When creating the booklet it may get out of hand when choosing what the most important pieces of information should go in it, as some of the choices may become bias, for example when choosing what I think the best pub is when i’m meant to be promotioning the best pub for attracting tourists.

- There may be too many pages of information when the design of the booklet is just as important, if not more.

- Factors with copywriting, making sure when I am creating my promotional piece that it doesn’t look like anything I have drawn inspiration from.

5. What has been the feedback from colleagues about your design?

I have gotten a lot of feedback from my colleagues about my logo, when presenting my logo design my colleagues asked me what a snowflake has to do with Wagga, when I explained that it wasn’t symbolising a snowflake or that in Wagga there is snow it was symbolising that in Wagga there is marvoulous hills and valleys filled with frost and ice and that’s where I drew my inspiration from, they became more impressed by the concept and overall design of my logo.

The feedback over the design process was that what I feared woud be an issue was that i had too much information and not enough space which made the design too crowded and cluttered and drew away from the actual design layout of the booklet which was good. They said I need to cull through my information as some of it was irrelevant and something that the viewers could find out through visiting the supplied websites.

The feedback of my final piece was:

- My design it simple but clean

- It has a lot of information but its not too overwhelming

- A good use of negative space

6.What are the benefits of exposing your design to quality checks and ongoing analysis?

The benefits of exposing my promotional piece to checks and anaylsis by my peers and colleagues us that they offer insight and a point of view that is different and seeming the promotional piece is aimed for all ages it is beneifical to hear their point of view on how to improve the design to reach the target audience. Others might see something that I may have missed because when looking at a design for a while the little things tend to be skipped over. Ongoing analysis is benefical because it is reassurance that the design is on the right track and heading in a direction that is professional and asthetically pleasing.

7. How will your promotional piece assist in meeting the projects intended outcome?

I think my piece showcases what Wagga has to offer during the winter months quite effectively. It is directed at people of all ages and genders giving them options and showing that Wagga does have things to do during winter and that it’s not just a small country town, but has fun and excting things to do. It think that my design definently encourages tourists to visit Wagga as my design is not in their faces with information but warm and calming but still showing that as a tourist you can have a good time in Wagga.

8. How could you encourage your client to allocate more in their budget for this project?

I think the main point of encouragement would be that if there was more money in the budget the design and overall look would be better and more professional, showcasing Wagga as a classy place to visit, the more tourists would be attracted and inturn they will be creating a profit for themselves. Things like professional gloss/matte stock to print on, special printing options such as foiling or a celloglaze and different binding options such as a glued bind instead of a saddle stitched bind. Creating the idea that the client will be making more of a profit if they committ more money to the project would definently be a way of encouraging a budjet increase. This can be achieved by showing the client stats and figures (this that they can see) and examples of others towns that have had bigger budgets and the profits they recieved from doing that.

9. In what way could you present your design concept to the client to entice them into going ahead with your project idea? How will you present your final piece to your client?

I would go ahead and create a fancy slideshow to show them what I have created and a sample of the work to entice them and to show them what is capable of being done to promote Wagga. During the slide show give out lots of interesting facts about Wagga to show them that I am committed to the job and am interested in creating a better tourist profit for the town. I would explain how my logo promotes the beautiful landscapes of Wagga during winter and how that alone would be an appeal aspect to someone who lives in the busy city. I’d give them a printed version in the stock and whatever other effects that I would like for the booklet for example silver foiled heading on each page with foiled logo on the front and back, a glossy hard cover with glossy content pages.

I would present the final promotional piece to the client in printed form, for them to see and feel so they know exactly what will be relised to the public before the quanity desired is printed.

Printers Quotes

Kanga Print

A5 Booklet (A4 Spread)


5000 quantity

150gsm gloss pages

230gsm gloss cover front and back, cellosheen

Saddle Stitched

Quote $5478.00


A5 Booklet (A4 Spread)


5000 quantity

150gsm gloss pages

230gsm gloss cover front and back, cellosheen

Saddle Stitched

Quote $5478.00

The prices were the same for both of these printery’s do this is the reason why I chose this company.

I decided to go with this printer because they seemed very professional about how they give quotes, they give and range of options and they give out very specific details of how they want the product to be sent. They prefer the document to be set up with:

- 2mm bleed

-PDF format

- Single pages